Vintage Beauty: Discovering the 1954 Fiat 1100/103 Turismo Veloce Charmant Coupe

Unveiled at the 1953 Paris Salon, the TV (Turismo Veloce) represented the high-performance variant of the newly introduced FIAT 1100/104 Berlina (saloon). The latter had made its debut earlier the same year at the Geneva Salon, showcasing a groundbreaking unitary construction of the body and chassis, accompanied by a brand-new 1,089cc overhead-valve four-cylinder engine.



The TV took things a step further, boosting power from 36 to 50bhp, resulting in a top speed of 135km/h. This spirited model became a favorite among FIAT’s more enthusiastic clientele, achieving notable racing successes, including remarkable class victories at the Mille Miglia in 1954 and 1955.



The ‘Charmant’ Coupe, an embodiment of sporting prowess, was based on the performance-focused TV (Turismo Veloce) 50bhp chassis, derived from the FIAT 1100/103 platform. This particular car, bearing the chassis number 103.049126, was a collaboration between renowned designer Giovanni Michelotti and the prestigious coachbuilder Vignale. Its exclusivity shines through, as it’s one of only twelve examples ever constructed.


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