The 1965 Chevrolet Impala 396 with Factory Air Unveiled

In the world of American automotive history, the year 1955 marked a significant turning point in both styling and sales. A decade later, in 1965, the automotive industry experienced a similar renaissance. It was a remarkable year for Detroit styling, particularly within the General Motors (GM) lineup, and sales figures reflected the industry’s strength. At Chevrolet, the Impala, with its redesigned full-size model boasting gracefully flowing lines and impeccable proportions, soared to new sales heights. The 1965 Impala, especially the two-door hardtop Sport Coupe variant, has always been a personal favorite, and an impeccably restored example is now up for grabs in Plymouth, Massachusetts. You can find it listed on eBay, with 16 bids pushing the price to $22,700 at the time of writing, though it has not yet met the seller’s reserve.

The listing features an extensive gallery of over 90 photographs showcasing this Impala’s grandeur. However, the accompanying description of its history and specifics is rather succinct. Nevertheless, the car appears to have undergone a meticulous restoration and comes with a comprehensive 3-ring binder filled with receipts. A closer look at the receipts indicates dates from 2015 and 2017. Interestingly, the listed color is stated as “gray,” though it is unmistakably more reminiscent of Artesian Turquoise. This particular hue was a superb choice for a ’65 Chevy, and the paintwork shines resplendently. The chrome, trim, emblems, glass, and lenses all exhibit excellent condition (the striking 396 Turbo Jet crossed flags emblem on the front fenders is a notable highlight). The car is also fitted with four new whitewall tires, although they appear slightly wider than the ones depicted in Chevrolet’s sales literature, along with optional wire wheel covers (which, perhaps, some might opt to replace).

Inside the cabin, Chevrolet’s claim of “the new standard of low-cost luxury” certainly holds true. The interior exudes elegance, with the restyled two-tone instrument panel striking a harmonious balance between color, bright accents, and simulated wood elements. The ’65 Impala offered interiors in seven different colors, and the fawn-colored selection for this Sport Coupe beautifully complements the exterior’s turquoise shade. The seats, with their tasteful fabric inserts, door panels, carpeting, and all aspects of the cabin, appear to have been expertly restored and present a showroom-new appearance. Notably, this Impala is equipped with factory air conditioning, a feature found in only about 20% of ’65 Chevys, and it reportedly delivers “ice-cold” air. Additionally, the car boasts a power front seat, power steering, and power brakes.

In 1965, full-size Chevrolet models came standard with a Turbo-Thrift 230-cubic inch 6-cylinder engine or a Turbo-Fire 283-cubic inch V8. However, this Sport Coupe was specially ordered with the optional Turbo-Jet 396-cubic inch V8, which, in its prime, produced 325 horsepower. The engine bay appears clean and well-kept and is mated to an automatic transmission. The odometer displays 44,289 miles, and while the seller describes the car as “low mileage,” there is no mention of documentation to confirm its originality.

In summary, this beautifully restored 1965 Chevrolet Impala 396 Sport Coupe is a prime exemplar of the promise made in Chevrolet’s advertising, affirming that “customers looking for luxury or performance – or both – can find it in the ’65 Chevrolet.” It combines the timeless elegance of ’60s styling with the power of a 396 V8 engine, offering a rare blend of aesthetics and performance that captures the essence of that remarkable automotive era.

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