Vintage Glamour: Unveiling the 1957 Chrysler Ghia Super Dart 400

Presenting the exquisite and awe-inspiring one-of-a-kind concept car, the Super Dart 400, styled by Ghia. This remarkable vehicle stands out not only due to its captivating visual allure and prominent place in auto show history, but also due to its flawless originality and meticulous preservation. From its inception, it has been cherished by discerning custodians as a truly significant showpiece.



Carrozzeria Ghia, established by Giacinto Ghia in Turin in 1919, garnered renown not just for crafting luxurious coachwork, but also for creating bodies for competition cars. Post World War II, the company served as a breeding ground for Italy’s up-and-coming design talents, with luminaries like Michelotti, Boano, and Frua all contributing to its enduring success.



Chrysler commissioned Carrozzeria Ghia to fashion two bespoke show cars, displayed at the Turin firm’s stand in 1956 and 1957: the Dart and the high-powered 400-horsepower Super Dart 400. The Dart’s introduction had taken place the prior year, in 1956.



Based on a 1957 Chrysler 300C chassis, the Super Dart 400 proudly displays its emblematic insignia on the tail fins, a proclamation to the world that beneath the hood resides a robust 400-horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine, fuelled by two substantial 4-barrel carburetors. Assembled on Chrysler’s industrial engine line, the powerplant was enhanced with a combination of performance components and coupled with the optional “Power Pack” provided by Chrysler at that era, featuring a 10:1 compression ratio that resulted in the heightened horsepower rating.



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