Classic Muscle: The 1969 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS 396 Convertible

Debuting on September 12, 1966, the Camaro came in coupe or convertible variants, with approximately 221,000 units sold, a quarter of which were convertibles and three quarters featuring V8 engines. 1969 marked the conclusion of the initial Camaro generation, which had been launched in 1967.


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Although a revamped Camaro was slated for 1970, the alterations for 1969 were substantial. Chevrolet revamped the exterior, imparting a longer, lower, and wider appearance to the Camaro. Additionally, the RS (Rally Sport) package introduced distinctive hideaway headlights and other decorative enhancements.



The SS package included a louvered hood, specific ornamentation, enhanced suspension and transmission, power disc brakes, and a robust 396 cubic-inch “Turbo Jet” V-8 engine generating an impressive 325 horsepower.



Unsurprisingly, it was a landmark sales year, with over 243,000 Camaros rolling out of GM’s facilities in Lordstown, Ohio, and Van Nuys, California. Amidst the zenith of the American muscle car era, the Chevrolet Camaro solidified its iconic status as the alpha of the pack.


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