Iconic Cars Featured in Mad Max: Fury Road Go Under the Hammer

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The Gigahorse: W16 Cadillac Pair

In an unprecedented event set to unfold on September 26, an exclusive auction by Lloyds will grant aficionados the unique opportunity to claim a slice of cinematic history, as thirteen legendary vehicles from the 2015 blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road go under the hammer.

At the helm of this automotive spectacle stands The Gigahorse, an automotive marvel melding two 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Villes into a symbiotic embrace, their frames entwined and elevated with a bold cant thanks to colossal dual rear wheels. This automotive titan is propelled by twin V8 engines intricately linked to a bespoke gearbox, a masterpiece designed to corral and synchronize the unrivaled power emanating from the supreme leader.

Heralding its significance as the flagship of the Citadel’s Armada, The Gigahorse emerges as a testament to a bygone era’s glory and a harbinger of victories yet to unfold. Armed with a harpoon worthy of a whaling vessel and a flamethrower exuding unmatched ferocity, The Gigahorse is destined to be both the inaugural and concluding encounter on the treacherous Fury Road.

The Doof Wagon

In the symphony of war, every army boasts its own maestro, and in the desolate expanse of the Wasteland, the War Boys have their sonic virtuoso. Lloyds paints a vivid portrait of The Doof Wagon, a mobile auditory powerhouse traversing the bleak terrain atop an 8 x 8 M.A.N. missile-carrier. Adorned with towering speakers, the blind and disfigured Coma The Doof Warrior, ensnared in a bungee web, orchestrates aural chaos, pounding a taiko beat on resonators crafted from air conditioning ducts.

The Doof Wagon’s cacophony is more than a symphony—it is the pulse of an apocalyptic world, a relentless bassline, and a rallying cry. It is the sonic embodiment of the impending end, a soundtrack etched into the annals of civilization’s demise.

The War Rig: Prime Mover Including Tanker and Ball Pig-Trailer

Described as the monstrous progeny of a semi-trailer and a hot rod, the War Rig, with its twin end-to-end V8 engines and six-wheel drive, looms as an eighteen-wheeled colossus, tasked with transporting the lifeblood of the Wasteland—precious fluids and firearms. This behemoth, undoubtedly female in essence, reigns supreme on the Fury Road, commanded by the indomitable Furiosa, the Citadel’s most revered warrior and skilled driver.

With a dozen elite War Boys finding refuge on its trailers, the War Rig becomes a symbol of both burden and ferocity. A defiant convoy of cars and motorcycles follows in its wake, a visual testament against the impending apocalypse and the impending collapse of humanity.

Razor Cola: 1973 XB Falcon Coupe (The Interceptor Reborn)

Emerging from the fiery forge of the Citadel, the resurrected XB Interceptor, housed within the Razor Cola, epitomizes vehicular vengeance. Raised on off-road rails and embellished with oversized wheels, this double-aspirated V8 blower dons a skull that serves as an air intake, fueling the insatiable hunger of Scott Hat.

With Slit perched atop its gleaming chrome exterior, the Razor Cola hurtles toward mankind’s final stretch with an inevitability that is palpable. It harnesses hundreds of horsepower and a reservoir of rage, a lethal combination hurtling towards an ultimate and definitive finish line.

Nux Car: 1932 Three-Window Chevrolet Coupe, V8

In the embodiment of every hotrodder’s dream, Nux’s turbocharged and nitrous-boosted five-window Deuce Coupe stands as a testament to the fervor and power of the V8 engine. The vehicle, an extension of the young and devout Nux, mirrors his passion for speed and the impending glory of Valhalla.

As the harbinger of death, Nux intertwines his essence with the fury and power of the V8, viewing the engine as his true deity and the car as his sanctuary of worship. Adorned with a totem of skulls and a mask on its crucifix quiver, Nux’s car becomes a masterpiece, hope, and heart in the unforgiving Wasteland.

Convoy Car: Elvis

A mechanical symphony resonates from the depths of Elvis, a convoy car propelled by two GMC 6 engines arranged end-to-end on an extended three-window Coupe chassis. Enhanced with nitrous injection and manned by a solitary gunner, Elvis claims its position as the high-speed outrider of the War Rig convoy—the pulsating core of commerce on the Fury Road.

Convoy Car: Jag Flamer

Hailing from GasTown, the Jag Flamer transforms from a sandblasted and polished frame into a fiery angel of destruction within Furiosa’s convoy. This high-speed kamikaze point guard unleashes caltrops and napalm, embodying roles of both passion and joy with designations like Driver, Gunner, Lancer, and Boy.

Draped in black pitch on a silver chassis, the Jag Flamer’s flared fenders expel flames and bullets mercilessly, confronting any who dare impede its mission with unrelenting force.

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