Power Personified: Experience the 562 HP Beast, the 1969 AMC Super Scrambler, a Homage to Hurst!

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In 1969, the American automotive landscape witnessed a surge in muscle cars, marking an iconic era for enthusiasts. Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler were at the forefront, introducing powerful models that would go down in history.

Ford made a significant impact with the Mach 1 package, alongside the introduction of the Boss 302 and Boss 429 homologation specials, catering to both road and track enthusiasts.

Chevrolet, not to be outdone, rolled out the COPO Camaro, complementing its existing big-block offerings in showrooms and further establishing its presence in the muscle car realm.

Chrysler, in its own right, entered the fray by offering the formidable 426 HEMI in every B-body midsize available at the time, solidifying its position in the muscle car hierarchy.

Overlooked Competitor – American Motors

Amidst the dominance of the Big Three, American Motors (AMC) often goes overlooked. While their muscle cars may not have rivaled the potency of competitors, they did offer some noteworthy options, such as the Javelin and the AMX.

One of AMC’s hidden gems was the SC/Rambler, a compact dragster based on the Rambler American, designed in collaboration with Hurst. This patriotic red, white, and blue-clad machine was crafted with homologation in mind.

Unlike its counterparts geared for road racing and NASCAR, the SC/Rambler targeted the NHRA F/Stock class. It stood out as a road-legal dragster, capable of covering the quarter-mile in the low 14-second range in stock form and achieving 12-second runs with minimal modifications.

Despite its prowess, the SC/Rambler’s glory was short-lived, with production ceasing after the 1969 model year. Originally planned for 500 units, AMC ultimately built and sold 1,512 examples, making it a rare classic with a legacy shaped by racing, modification, and the passage of time.

A Unique Restomod – The Super Scrambler

While not an original SC/Rambler, the restomod presented here pays homage to the factory version, blending authenticity with modern upgrades for enhanced performance and comfort.

Staying true to the SC/Rambler’s vibrant livery, the restomod combines elements of both the “A scheme” and “B scheme” versions. The exterior, while similar, features a unique touch with silver flake in the paint, providing a nod to the original designs.

The interior, though not stock, maintains a close resemblance to the original SC/Rambler, offering a blend of nostalgia and contemporary comfort.

Diverging significantly from the original, the restomod’s drivetrain boasts a 401-cubic-inch powerplant, a creation of renowned engine builder Ken Maisano. Generating 657 horsepower and delivering 562 to the rear wheels, this modernized engine pushes the boundaries of what AMC engines were known for.

With a distinctive roar upon ignition, earning it the “Super Scrambler” nickname, this restomod promises a thrilling experience for fans of AMC classics.


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